Things have been cleaner around here lately. Why? Because I've been sticking to my routines, and actually following my plans! I'm not doing it perfectly, but I'm hitting most things most days, and it makes a difference.

I had a rocky start this morning due to a rough night (with Pip screaming for an hour, which is not like him, and Tiger Lily wanting to get up at 4am because she was so excited about her advent calendar).

But after I got the kids off to school, I went back to my 3x5 card that tells me what to do. So I got the laundry and the dishwasher going, cleaned up the kitchen, picked up the living area, vacuumed. Not that hard, especially since I've been keeping up all week.

And I even had time left to play with Pip a little, and scrub the upstairs bathtub because he squirted half a bottle of sunscreen in there.

I like being on top of things. I'm not on top of everything—but having the basics under control feels good.


  1. I so agree. I love when the house is in order.. And if I follow my everyday chores...[even If I dont feel up to it that day], things stay pretty clean.. And it keeps me from having to do an all day ...scrubbing, cleaning, laundry,etc.
    Of course, since the kids are grown and gone, it is not as much to upkeep.---But, the old body slows down, and it takes me longer to accomplish things.smile.\
    Have a great month.

  2. ps hope Pip is well and wasn't getting sick [waking up crying].

    1. Thank you. We never did figure out what was the problem. He seems fine!

  3. So glad to hear someone else does this. Every since my daughter was a babe, I started a schedule. It helps a lot. And I agree with Judy, as age has crept up, cleaning has slowed a little. haha. That's my excuse!