A house of a certain age

Last week when I got my dirty kitchen laundry out from the cupboard from under the sink where I collect it, I noticed it was wet. Almost dripping.

Turns out our garbage disposal had a leak. Every time we had been using the sink, disposal, or dishwasher, water had dripped into my laundry basket.

My husband was good enough to get a new disposal and fix it that very night—successfully, I might add, even though he'd never done that before. I'm grateful to have married such a smart and kind person.

This small incident made me think. Our house is 11 years old. We've lived in it for nearly 8 years. Things have broken, and things will continue to break. Even appliances we bought when we moved into the house are probably going to die soon enough. I'm grateful for the savings we have, and am more motivated than ever to replenish that account regularly.

I'm glad the house wasn't too old when we moved in. True, I sometimes lament the lack of "character," being in a newer subdivision, but I like that we've been able to grow with the house, especially maintenance-wise. I like that we've been able to learn one repair and improvement at a time, and not have to deal with crises the moment we moved in.


  1. Our house is 45 year old and chock full of "character." :) Like your husband, mine has been learning skills as the need arises. His most recent conquest has been repairing components of our septic system (we're in a weird little neighborhood that has never hooked up to city sewer). I'm so impressed with his willingness to learn and try new things that become such a blessing to our lives.

  2. You are doing great. In my new job, I am seeing people's credit reports and they have what I consider to be a lot of debt and live like what I consider to be like kings.

  3. We live in an old house. Rebuilt from an old log home in the 40's. . We've redone things as we could afford them and love that this is our home not just a house. There's always something that comes up yearly that needs help, but we've done it together. It's not fancy , but full of love and memories. Your blog is such a joy. Thank you

  4. Houses sure can challenge the skills, can't they! Ours isn't even super old, but it's thrown a few curve balls from time to time. Glad you got your disposal fixed up -- an how nice of your laundry to collect the mess for you!