"Many . . . see the process of material divestment as wasteful in itself. It makes them feel guilty. But this process is only wasteful if we throw away things we can still put to good use. If we rid ourselves of things that serve no purpose, we are not wasting anything. It is far more wasteful to hold on to something that's of no use to us: we waste our available space when we cram it full of things . . . We waste time tidying things up, cleaning them, hunting for them."

—Dominique Loreau, L'art de la Simplicit√©

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  1. I totally agree.. I decided a couple years ago, I was going to REALLY declutter, and I did.. And now, every little bit , I will go through a cabinet/ a drawer/or closet and declutter..[It is much easier now, as I dont let it PILE up.smile.
    I donate /give away anything that might be used by some one else, so I dont feel that it is wasteful.. [sure makes it easier to keep up with the house work..