Recent happenings

Feeling uninspired to blog lately, but life is still good. Recent happenings:

  • Amazing orchestra concert for me! Sometimes I don't feel like going to rehearsal, but I'm always glad afterward—and even more so after a successful concert like this weekend's.
  • An excellent piano recital for Red Chief and Tiger Lily. They work hard and do well in piano, and we're blessed with a good teacher just around the corner.
  • Last week's menu from Vegan Richa was yummy. This week we're having lots of Italian food: pizza, lasagna, puttanesca. I don't usually do themed menus, but it keeps happening. Okay.
  • I am officially on a fantasy reading kick right now. Started off with an old favorite by Robin McKinley, and now I'm trying Gail Carriger for the first time. I need the escape right now.
  • A doctor's visit for Pip to try to figure out his eczema. We didn't make any more progress toward finding the cause, but the (new) doctor did give us a prescription cream that's much better than his old one (which didn't work at all), so that's something. 
  • Lots of Family Search Indexing. Our ward is having a contest between the ladies and gentlemen, and my husband and I are enjoying the extra motivation to index. We both have our pet projects that we've gotten pretty good at (him: obituaries; me: an 1876 French census). 
  • With my husband, collecting and compiling material for his father's 60th birthday to get started on his life history. At 100 pages, I'd say it's a pretty good start! I did some editing and layout, which felt good: it's what I went to college for, and it's a skill set I use less and less as the years pass (it's been 13 years since I finished college!).


  1. I love Robin McKinley books. <3

    I've been noticing a difference in our kids with eczema since trying Vaseline with cocoa butter. We used to use all kinds of prescriptions and OTC remedies, but all of a sudden their skin is much healthier . . . though that could be just seasonal.

    I don't know for sure. Just though I'd throw that out there in case.

    Hurrah for the beautiful music in your life. :)

    1. I will have to try Vaseline with cocoa butter. The regular kind works better than anything else we have tried, but it does smell kind of—well—Vaseliney.

  2. Hope the new med helps Pip.
    The concert sounds like lots of fun.. Makes all the practices worth it.smile.
    Have a great week.