Dinners this week will be exclusively from Vegan Richa. I've seen her recipes floating around the internet, but I'd never browsed the site before. I immediately started printing out recipes for this week. We'll be having:

Lentil walnut burgers
Tofu broccoli bok choy stir fry
Vegan deep dish pizza (using this cheese)
Chipotle garlic jackfruit tacos (so excited that I found some jackfruit at the Asian market this week)
Pad prik khing green beans
Veggies and lentils in peanut sauce (we've had this before and liked it)

I am looking forward to eating this week! I had one kitchen prep session today and will have a veggie cutting session tomorrow to help things go more smoothly before dinnertime.

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  1. Every time I try to go vegan, Food Town sends me a coupon in the junk mail for free 18 pack of eggs with a $20 purchase. It's their fault I fail. (Just kidding)