A coincidence

Yesterday morning my husband came back in shortly after he left for work—the car wouldn't start. So he took the minivan instead, and we went about our days. After dinner, he took the battery out of the car and we all piled into the minivan to go buy a new battery (because Monday is family night!).

Getting the new battery was no problem, but when we got back into the minivan, guess what happened? It wouldn't start either. That's right, both of our batteries died on the same day.

So I took the kids to get treats at the café next door while Mr. Mordecai went to buy yet another car battery. The very nice college student who works in the parts store gave him a hand, and we were hardly late for bed by the time we got home.

Tiger Lily had the time of her life: the glee leapt to her face when the minivan wouldn't start. When we got home, she had to watch Daddy put the battery in the other car too.

I did feel a tiny bit of guilt while I was in the café having treats with the kids and my husband was out in the cold changing a battery—but he didn't mind. We were both glad there was a warm place to take the kids to get them out from underfoot for a few minutes.

I guess if we had to be stranded somewhere with a dead car battery, a car parts store is about the best place it could happen. We are blessed in so many ways.


  1. Forgive me for asking, but how did you and Mr. M even meet? Was it arranged? Were you able to find each other attractive? Did you date? Did you have chaperone on your dates until you got married? Hold hands on dates? A simple hug?

    1. We met in fifth grade actually and knew each other through junior high and high school, but we didn't date until after I finished college and he finished his mission. It was not arranged, and we didn't have chaperones or anything. We dated a few months before we got engaged. Mormon dating is a lot more normal than you might think—people hold hands, hug, kiss, etc. Keeping the law of chastity is very important to us, but there is no one breathing down our necks enforcing it. We are free to make our own choices.

    2. It's different when you and your teaching missionary develop feelings for each other. This is know from experience.

    3. Yes, missionaries aren't allowed to have relationships. They have very strict rules.