Re-re-doing the schedule

I had a pretty good schedule last school year. I won't pretend I always stuck to it like glue, but it was nice to have a list to guide my week: living areas on Mondays, bathrooms on Tuesdays, bedrooms on Wednesday, groceries on Thursdays, kitchen on Fridays.

This year our schedule is different, so I tried to tailor my homemaking schedule to match. The result? Chaos. Evidently I'm just not meant to go to the grocery store on Mondays.

This week I'm re-thinking things—again—and trying to come up with a better order.


  1. So understand. My schedule changes frequently, as life happens and changes.ha
    I use to do Friday grocery shopping.. But now find, I really like Tues or Thursday's , because the store is less crowded.. Easier to get in and out. I also seem to do better with doing my big clean up on Friday.. That way... the weekend, is laid back and not that much to do.. [Then comes Monday........... after the weekend.. Monday is a REAL clean up.smile]
    Best wishes on your new schedule.. I need to post my fall schedule, It has been awhile since I posted it. It really helps keep me accountable. Have a great day.

  2. Wishing you success s you find your rhythm. 😊