Pip lately

  • Spends at least an hour each day coloring. Favorite color: purple. 
  • Loves stacking blocks.
  • Climbs on the oven and dishwasher doors to get at interesting things in the kitchen.
  • Escaped from his crib once but hasn't tried again.
  • Still likes going to bed! After we read books and sing, he always reminds me to pray.
  • Likes to "see dinner" every evening when I'm cooking. I lift him up to the stove a lot.
  • Can't keep his socks and shoes on—and unfortunately scratches up his poor itchy feet as soon as he gets them off.
  • Favorite foods: pancakes, oatmeal, macaroni and "cheese," pasta of any sort, apples and bananas, tofu and broccoli stir fry, juice, and smoothies.
  • Starting to get more comfortable with nursery at church.
  • Longest sentence so far: "Mom, I want some more macaroni—now."


  1. What a charming, darling little man!!!!

  2. Pip is adorable.. I can't believe how fast, he is growing.. as is the other kids..