Eight days

My husband took a business trip to China last week. He enjoys visiting new places, so I was excited for him—but eight days is a long time! Here are some things that happened while he was gone.
  • The primary program at church
  • Pip's two-year doctor checkup
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Cub scout pack meeting
  • Tiger Lily home sick for three days
  • An abscess of some sort in Red Chief's mouth
  • Early-morning piano lessons
  • Two days off school
  • Baby Pip escaped from his crib for the first time
I'd like to think I appreciate my husband all the time, but I really notice how much he does when he's gone! He makes the bed every morning, he holds down the fort so I can play in our community orchestra every week, he cleans up dinner, he is so patient and kind with the children—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I am blessed.


  1. Oh such a sweet tribute to your hubby, So nice that he helps so much. Know you and the kids have missed him.

  2. I am blessed, too. I am so grateful for the truly good men of the world.

  3. Last year, my eldest had a considerably large abscess on his gum. Our dentist recommended a 10 day antibiotic treatment, but I wished to attempt treating it naturally. We had excellent and rapid success with frequent salt water rinses and daily hydrogen peroxide applications with a cotton swab !

  4. Did he go to a very urban area? The pollution is so horrible there, some people have to wear masks.

    1. He was in Shanghai. It rained most of the time so pollution wasn't an issue, but he did come home rather damp. :)