Our porch was covered in cobwebs, à la haunted house. I thought about leaving them up until Halloween, but I was sick of looking at them.

Also, the honeysuckle by the porch was covering most of the walkway and getting a little friendly with people's hair and arms as they approached.

And it was dirty. Just plain dirty.

Our hose has been broken, and I've been using that as an excuse not to clean up. But a few weeks ago I saw someone cleaning up their cobwebs with a broom, and I wondered why I had never thought of that.

So I got the hose fixed. And I got our old straw broom out of the garage and swept away all those cobwebs, and I trimmed the honeysuckle, and I washed everything off with the hose.

And things are better.


  1. How funny--I just swept away cobwebs from the exterior of our house yesterday afternoon. :)

  2. Doesn't those cob webs attack the porch so easily and quickly? I just swept mine away . Looks and feels so much better.