Here's a project I did quite awhile ago but never shared. Baby needed some aprons for mealtimes, but our old ones had worn out. Instead of using quilting cotton, I grabbed a beach towel that we never used. I got two aprons from this towel, and I made a third from a receiving blanket that had a hole in it.

I finished all the inside seams with bias tape because I didn't want towel shreds everywhere. I love how absorbent these are. Baby still manages to get messy at mealtimes, but these heavy-duty aprons at least diminish the problem.

I love when I can make something we need out of something we don't need.


  1. That's a great idea! My littles just take bibs off, so I gave up using them long ago, but the messes are so huge! An apron would truly be a blessing!! How clever of you!

  2. So cute ... both baby and apron. Such a good idea to use the beach towel..