Zipper pouches

I finally made something I've been wanting to make for a long time: zipper pouches. My favorite is lined with red velvet. I'm not sure about the blue zipper on the other one.

I have no idea what we'll use these for. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I should probably make a few more—I still have some zippers left, and I could definitely use some practice.

This was my first time sewing zippers! One day I'll make Tiger Lily a dress with a zipper. I've made her several dresses, but have always managed to avoid zippers.

I used this tutorial.


  1. I love those! Great practice for zippers!

  2. SO cute.. I am sure you will find a good use for them.. I use to hate zippers, when my daughter was little.. I always took her dress patterns that had a zipper, and change it to buttons..Now I find the buttons/button holes alot more work.lol

  3. How funny, I prefer zippers over buttons, too. :)