Vegetable processing

Saturday we worked hard on de-jungling our garden. It wasn't as horrible as I had thought it would be. We could use a few more sessions, but it's doing much better.

Saturday night Red Chief picked all the peppers and some tomatoes. It wasn't really in my plans, but I did need to take care of them today.

Monday is grocery shopping day, but today my kitchen counter was covered in veggies and my fridge was full of them. The garden, the farmer's market, and the grocery store have been good to us, but I've been far behind on using our bounty.

No more. Today I chopped enough veggies for three batches of soup, three batches of green tomato stew, and snacks. I also froze tomato purée and blanched bell peppers.

Now I can plan a menu around what I have—because we obviously don't need much!—and I'll go to the store tomorrow.


  1. Yummy vegetables.. Proud you were able to get it all done. We picked the grapes yesterday afternoon..Much more than, I realized was on them vines..whew............ So today, I must start the jelly making.. and juice making.
    Have a blessed week.

  2. I'm impressed. We had all of that severe flooding in early summer which destroyed a lot of gardens. Enjoy!