Perfect pie

Pies aren't really in line with the way I'm trying to eat right now, but we had some gigantic ripe peaches that needed using, and a cantaloupe that needed using, and I found a recipe for peach-cantaloupe pie in a vintage cookbook, and I wanted to use my milk glass pie pan . . .

I have made many pies over the years, but the crust drives me to distraction. It crumbles and rips and cracks so unpredictably. In the past several years I've given up trying to make it perfect. I'm just happy I can make pie, and it tastes good no matter how it looks.

Imagine my surprise when I finally got a picture-perfect pie crust, since I haven't had any practice lately. I used this recipe—which is my old standby—and I rolled it out between sheets of parchment paper, which is something I'd never tried before.

Parchment paper! It works!

I took this picture before the pie went into the oven because I was sure it would boil over, but by some miracle, it came out looking even better, perfectly browned and sparkly from the sugar I sprinkled on top. I'm not sure what brings such luck to my house today, but I'll take it.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful combination of fruit for pie. Congratulations on your victory over pie crust !

  2. What a beautiful crust, I will have to try the putting it between parchment paper.. I have never heard of using cantaloupe.. Let us know, how it taste/ thanks for sharing.

    1. It tasted good! The recipe was in Betty Crocker's Cooking Calendar if you're interested. I did add 1 tsp cinnamon to the filling that wasn't called for in the recipe.

  3. I always make my pie crust dough ahead of time, wrap it in plastic, and let it sit in the fridge to allow the gluten in the flour time to activate. This allows for a crust that is stretchy and cooperative (though, some might say it's less flaky).

    Anyway, something to think about. :)

    Your pie turned out lovely!!!!

  4. Parchment paper isn't cheap, Dianna - I roll mine between wax paper, but either way, it's easier! I am intrigued by the combo of cantaloupe and peach pie. I've never heard of cooking the melon, except I did see a recipe for preserves once.