Baby is my first child to use the oven door as a stool. I try to keep it locked, but sometimes I forget—and that's when Baby sprinkles salt and cinnamon sugar all over the stove. It's happened twice now. And as much as I try to clean up every trace, I still smelled burned sugar in my oven last time I used it.


  1. Oh my! Look how grown up he's getting!!! :)

  2. Oops... Baby is getting big.. so cute.
    This made me think of my nephew, [who is nearly 50 now]. When he was small, he woke up before his mom.. Slipped into the kitchen, and he had gotten out a skillet, put a large hunk of grease in it.. And was cracking eggs in it [which ended up all over the gas stove. eeeh] My sister woke up, before he turned the burner on, Thank God.. She had the hardest time , getting the dried raw eggs off the stove top.
    Little boys are mischievous. ha