Family vacation, final installment

The original entrance arch to Yellowstone.

A hotel in the park where we stayed. 

The wing where we stayed was built in 1911. I enjoyed the old-fashioned radiators and light switches and sinks. Having the bathroom down the hall was slightly less exciting, but do-able.

A detail from a wooden inlay map mural from the aptly named Map Room at the hotel.

I never knew the army used to take care of the park. That was in the days before park rangers.

The officers' houses lined up all nice and neat, with their matching chimneys and trees and lawns and flags. 


  1. When's the first day of school?

    1. Already happened, I'm a bit behind on posting.

  2. What a lovely hotel.. Love the old buildings too. We really want to go and visit yellowstone national park. My husband worked for the Federal goverment with the national park service [Natchez Trace Parkway in Tupelo , Ms]. He is retired now. It is a lovely trace too.