Evening light

I thought I was taking a picture of my blueberry cake, but it ended up being more about the strong evening light that pervades my kitchen in the summer and makes me squint as I do the dishes.


  1. Dear Dianna,

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and
    I thought you should know much I enjoy your words. Your posts keep me focused on being simple and humble, as well as deeply rooted in God.

    I would love to know more about your plant-based whole foods diet. Are you following this diet by yourself to alleviate symptoms of your arthritis, or is your whole family eating in this manner ? Also, do you have tips for "adapting" meals or do you mostly follow new vegan recipes ? If your family is following this diet, have you noticed improvement in their health as well ?

    On various occasions, I have tried to incorporate more meatless (although not vegan) meals in my menu plans, but have found it quite difficult. May I ask you to share a few family favorite mealtime recipes ?

    Finally, I would love to know how you were inspired to give this diet a try for your condition.

    Thanks to you, and many blessings.


    1. Anne, thank you for your comment. Sometimes I wonder if there is any point to my blogging beyond my own satisfaction so it means a lot to me to hear from you.

      I started typing a reply to you but it is very long and somewhat personal. Would you mind if we move our conversation to email? You could leave your address here or send me an email at mrs.mordecai@gmail.com

      If you would rather not let me know and I will give you a condensed version here.

    2. Dianna, I have sent you an email so you can forward me a personal reply. Hopefully it made its way into your inbox. Thank you again so dearly.