Effective ant poison

We have ants. Every spring they start sneaking into the dining room and the garage. I have tried sprinkling around borax mixed with sugar; I have made borax and sugar up into a syrup. I have tried sprinkling around cornmeal as well. These ideas worked a little, but they didn't solve the problem.

This year I found a new idea when reading a vintage book online: borax + powdered sugar. I could see the merit in the idea: it would be harder for the ants to grab the powdered sugar and leave the borax behind because powdered sugar is so fine.

I took it one step further and added cornmeal. I don't know whether the cornmeal trick really works—it supposedly kills the ants in a few weeks after they eat it. I haven't seen any marked success with it but I know some people swear by it.

After a good clean-up of the ant-infested area, I sprinkled my mixture of borax, powdered sugar, and cornmeal along the cracks where the ants were coming into the garage. It started killing the ants right away. They kept coming for about a week, but after that, I didn't see them anymore!

A few weeks later, I found they had moved around the corner. I repeated the application in the new location, and this time it stamped them out for good—or at least until next year. I'm leaving the powder where it is for now to discourage the ants from returning.


Effective ant poison

1 part fine cornmeal
1 part powdered sugar
1 part borax

Whizz all ingredients in a food processor, or whisk ingredients together to mix well. Sprinkle liberally wherever ants are a problem. Keep mixture out of the way of children and pets. Poison should start working immediately and take full effect within 1–2 weeks.


  1. Speaking of your awesome home remedies, my parents' washing machine smells moldy. My mom is propping it one with a towel, but this isn't doing anything. I know a good idea would be to run an empty cycle with something special in it, but do you know what ?

    1. Run it with hot water and bleach! And scrub it out. And always leave the lid open when it's not going.

      Any time my machine smells odd I run a load with bleach. If it's a front-loader, there is also a filter to clean out.

  2. Another way to freshen a washer is to put vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and run a load. Then between loads keep the door open to let it air dry. I use 1/2 cup vinegar with most loads simply because we have hard water and it gets the soap and minerals out. I don't have a problem with mildew or mold in the washer. For environmental reasons I rarely use bleach.

  3. This ant poison recipe is going into my folder for future use. Thank you for experimenting with this !