Bean week

I have been cooking my own dry beans for years. This morning I was wondering why I do it, because buying cans would be easier. But I love the process. I love scooping them out of the bucket, soaking them on the counter, and draining and cooking them the next morning. I love that they take a lot of time but not a lot of attention.

We are eating so many beans lately that I've gone big. I buy beans in 25-pound bags and keep them in 5-gallon buckets. Every few months, I have a bean week. In my biggest bowl, I soak a different kind of bean each day. I cook them up in my biggest pot, then I freeze them in can-sized portions. When we start running out, I do it over again.

Right now, I'm trying to keep black, red, white, pinto, and chickpeas cooked and on hand.

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  1. I share your love of the process of cooking dry beans...Although I do keep a fair amount of canned beans in my pantry "stash". They are part of my emergency pantry. When they get close to the expiration date, I simply donate them to a family in need of a little help. I also cook about 1# at a time and freeze in small containers.