A robe, finally done

I started this robe for Red Chief a long time ago. I ordered the pattern (Advance 9214) last fall, thinking I would make it for Christmas. I started it after Christmas and quickly realized this would not be like the other robes I have made.

This robe is engineered. So much thought and detail went into the planning of the pattern (I'm not sure of the date, but it's an older one). Many of the seams were flat felled (a first for me). I felt accomplished if I could get through one or two seams a day; they took a long time.

I made good progress until summer vacation, and then I just stopped. Until September. Which was silly, because it was almost done.

In the home stretch, I skipped making the carriers for the belt and just stitched the belt right to the robe at the sides and back center. I did it partly from laziness, but also because it won't get lost (I find their robe belts all over the house!).

And now it is done and Red Chief is happy to have a robe.

1 comment:

  1. The robe looks very nice and will last Red Chief a long time..[Than maybe Baby will get to wear it, and all your hard work, making the robe last longer] smile.
    Love the blue color. and the photo is absolutely too sweet.. Looks like a Christmas photo card.