Recently tried recipes

No-beef broth. Red Chief and I made this to use in a recipe we were making. He liked it so much he kept snitching spoonfuls while we were cooking.

Sweet Korean lentils. One of my favorite recipes ever. We will make it often.

Summer vegetable pasta salad. Meh. Not our favorite but edible.

Barbecue spaghetti squash sandwiches. We liked these, even Red Chief, the resident carnivore. I cooked my squash ahead of time and it made for an almost instant dinner later.

Mushroom French dip sandwiches. A surprise hit! Even the mushroom haters loved them. I did make some subs: white mushrooms instead of portobello (so much cheaper), extra onions, and I used the beef broth recipe above instead of the broth described in the recipe. Also I used no oil. So . . . I guess I didn't follow the recipe much at all. But it was a great idea! Will make again!

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  1. The mushroom sandwiches sound yummy.. Proud Red CHief is enjoying cooking..