I was slowly sliding off my plant-based diet last week. My goal is to eat all whole plant foods, with a very few exceptions (a little sugar, a little salt, etc.). This helps keep my rheumatoid arthritis at bay, and it also helps me feel good overall. I can make a few exceptions, but I was making too many. My knee was starting to hurt. I was feeling sick.

So on Saturday I prepped components for two meals, because I know I never feel like cooking on Sunday. Sunday I used the spaghetti squash and quinoa I had prepared to make some very fast meals, and now I'm back on track. It's amazing how soon I feel better when I go back to eating the way I know I should.

Preparation is key! I learned this in the beginning but I guess I forgot. Back to planning ahead and preparing early. Especially for weekends.

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  1. Diets are so difficult.. I am pre-diabetic.. So, should be watching my diet.. I am really trying to watch the carbs, eat more veggies.. and drink more water.. [hard..I dislike water,ha]
    Best wishes.