Digging out

When I was first married, I was organized. We had a file for important papers and I kept it at least somewhat up to date.

Fast-forward eleven years. I haven't mucked out the filing cabinet in years. Kids have been into them and rearranged things. I keep current important papers in piles on the kitchen counter (the piles are in baskets and sorters, but they're still piles). What a mess! The only thing that has improved since then is that we get most of our bills and documents electronically now.

Whenever I need an important paper, I have to look through piles to find it. I do know its approximate whereabouts, but it's kind of demoralizing to have to sort through a hundred papers just to find an immunization record.

I knew the file sorters on the kitchen counters were the first step to change. There were three trays for different categories of papers, but really it was just a mess. I decided to go vertical with a file box instead. I shredded and sorted mountains of papers dating back to the beginning of last school year.

I feel so much better now! I still need to work on our filing cabinet, but for now, I'm happy to have a fresh start and a place to put important papers as the new school year rolls in.


  1. I have to stay on top of this, because I make so much money independently now that I have to for income tax. Gone are the days when I just waited for a W-2 and went and said "here's me W-2, what do I get?" I went digital on all bills and do not receive them in the mail anymore. This is because of you trash them because you know you already paid it online, it can cause identity theft. I go through my phone at the end of every month and make an "event" for when everything cycles and when it's due. I print documents to take to the tax guy in February and put some in white envelopes and some in Manila. I keep these on my top closet shelf.

  2. I understand completely! Paperwork is my downfall, but now that our last child has left home I can do a major purge and get on with life.

  3. Oh Dianna. this is the WORSE job , in the house hold.. I hate it..ha
    Before we moved, [and I had to downsize], I went through my file cabinet [honestly, it had not been done for YEARS]. And shredded tons of stuff. I then, filed things and it was so wonderful to get it done.
    Then this past couple weeks, My DIL'S mom died of a sudden heart attack at age 64. All of their financial papers were handled by her, and the family was at a loss , trying to find things they needed..They were so heart broken..It made me think, I need to put all of our personal stuff together and file things that would be needed ..and easy to find.. I have been working on this this week.. And feel so wonderful to get it done.
    Best wishes on your filing too. [It is really hard to find time,when you have small children]