Another kitchen day

I like to work in the kitchen, and it's more fun in the early afternoon without an impending deadline for dinner. I got lots done this afternoon that will make the coming few days easier.
  • Lemon poppyseed cake
  • Lots of brown rice for the freezer
  • Chopped veggies to use in meals for the week
  • Two melons cubed up and ready to go
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy


  1. For me, the itch to work in the kitchen happens at 4 am on the off nights that my daughter insists on sleeping on the couch. So I have to hear, "turn off the light, mommy!" Or I have to be like, "go to bed!"

  2. Wow... you did accomplish alot.. Really helps with future meal plans, doesn't it? MY husband is not going to be home today, so my intentions is to to get in the kitchen and get some things done.. Have a great weekend.