Multi-bean soup

Here is a new soup recipe that everyone loves. It's Tiger Lily's particular favorite. The crock pot is perfect for cooking bean soups because they need to cook forever: you can't really overcook them, because a little bit mushy is good.

I didn't get a picture of the finished product, but don't the beans look pretty all ready to soak the night before?


Slow cooker multi-bean soup

3 cups multi-bean soup mix (just beans, no spices)
2 tablespoons ground coriander
2 tablespoons paprika
1 tablespoon cumin
1 tablespoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder
1/3 cup dried onion
8 cups water

Soak beans overnight; drain and rinse. Add all ingredients except tomato products to slow cooker and cook on high 4–5 hours or on low 8–10 hours.
Serves 6–8

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  1. We love the bean soup too.. WOnderful in the crockpot to keep from heating up the house. Have a great day.