Bugs on flowers

Orange-belted bumblebee on a thistle

Ladybug on Queen Anne's lace

Red Chief took these pictures of bugs on flowers at a scout activity. It was a hot but beautiful evening for a nature walk.

(And a tangent: How in the world did I ever identify bugs or plants before the internet? I remember running into a university entomology student when I was working on my ninth-grade insect collection and feeling so grateful for the hours of bookwork he saved me with his five minutes of help. But nowadays, I can just search for "bumblebee with red stripe" and my bee is identified in thirty seconds.)


  1. There's an app that identifies plants you take a photograph of, but it's worthless. I took a picture of a pine cone, because I was suspicious, and it labeled it as a cape chestnut

    1. That's funny. I hope they figure it out some day.