Recently tried recipes

Greek chickpeas on toast. Loved this and it was super fast, so perfect for our busy summer. I doubled it, left out the oil, used onion instead of shallot, added spinach, and reduced the cinnamon. Oh, and added oregano from the garden. Thinking of mashing half the chickpeas next time for a different texture. Will make again!

Beans with carrot hot dogs. Carrot hot dogs. Weird or awesome? We liked them. When we opened the bag of marinating carrots, it smelled exactly like hot dogs. Baby had thirds.

Tofu lettuce wraps. These were super yummy. The filling and the peanut sauce tasted kind of weird separately but together they were amazing.

Un-fried rice. I merged this recipe with my brown rice recipe, using the ingredients for the un-fried rice with the method and liquid proportions I usually use to make brown rice. It was great! I didn't miss the eggs or the oil one little bit.

Vegan pepper jack cheese. Surprisingly good. Not exactly like the real thing, of course, but good in its own right. I like it on crackers.

Bacon cashews. Yum. I'm glad I used parchment paper on my pan so I could throw away the sticky mess they left behind.

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