Mornings at the park

Here's something I figured out last summer: go to the park early, right after breakfast, for a little while. It's not hot, it's not crowded; it's actually quite pleasant. I'm going to try to take the kids once a week during the summer.

We also enjoy taking walks first thing in the morning. The big kids have been rollerskating for our walks lately while I push Baby in the stroller.

Once we all went out to the backyard before breakfast and I weeded a third of the garden while the kids played. I should do that again with the other two-thirds of the garden.


  1. We're having breakfast at the park once a week this summer. They are the happiest days of the week. :)

  2. I love doing my outside stuff in the early mornings. I even like to grocery shop really early,not only is it cooler, but less people in the stores, and I can get it done much quicker.
    Enjoy the summer with the kids.