Kids cooking

This summer, I'm letting Red Chief and Tiger Lily each plan a dinner every week. We get what they need at the store during our weekly shopping trip, then we make it together in the coming week.

I have learned about them by seeing their picks, even though this is just the first month. Tiger Lily likes old favorites—familiar foods. Red Chief likes to look through a cookbook and pick something new, and so far all the recipes he's picked are not something I would normally try—but they've all been good.

Sometimes kids tend to complain about what we have for dinner, and this small exercise has already helped the kids get excited about what we eat—at least one day a week.


  1. This is so wonderful, and such a learning experience. My daughter did this with her two girls too. When they got a little older, she also would have them go through pantry /freezer and shop the supplies they needed.. [and then she took them to the grocery store to shop for whatever else would be needed for their meal.]
    They are 15 and 17 now. And both know how to cook and to plan meals. I wish I would have had this training. I got married young and didn't know the first thing about cooking or grocery buying.lol

  2. This is such a good idea! I think I'll use it in my work with families in the WIC Program.