Chickpea flour

I've been wanting to experiment with chickpea flour lately, but I haven't found any available to buy where I usually shop. I was afraid to try putting whole chickpeas through my grain mill.

Google to the rescue! I found a video tutorial on how to grind them in my mill (the WonderMill). The video was made by the company who sells the mill, so I knew I could trust it.

I tried the first option presented in the video, and guess what? It worked (I did have to stop once and unclog the mill, but there was no harm done). I now have chickpea flour, and I didn't have to drive across town or pay $8/pound.


  1. Proud you were able to do it..
    What kind of recipe would you make with it?

  2. I used it this morning to make chickpea omelets. They were okay but next time I will adjust the spices.