Memorial Day

A Memorial Day first for my family, and actually for me, too: visiting graves. My parents lived far from their families when I was growing up. I was excited to inherit my husband's family when we married, but then we moved away from them too.

Recently I discovered a great-great-great-(great?) aunt in my family history who moved to this area with her children. We found several of their graves, including my aunt's (above), and her youngest son's (unmarked, below).

We also enjoyed a surprise fly-by from some older military planes, for a memorial service nearby—and a mother duck and her family, which delighted all of us but especially Baby.

If the older kids are looking a bit somber in the pictures, it's because they were worried it's bad manners to smile in a cemetery!


  1. Dianna,
    So good to hear from you.. Missed you.
    The kids are so sweet and adorable. How wonderful you got to find some of your relatives..
    Have a blessed day.. Judy

  2. Such sweet children. :)

    Isn't it such joy to link to our family past? Today my husband is driving one of our daughters over 900 miles round trip to have lunch with her birthmother. Those links matter so much!

  3. You blogging again? Your kids got so big!