I've had a hard time getting into the spirit of blogging lately. I miss writing here, but I feel paralyzed every time I try to get started. So I'm writing down some categories and I will fill in as many as I can.


Re-reading Anne of Green Gables. It has been too long.
I enjoyed this article this morning: Blue Dots

Just figured out how to make the most amazing vegan lasagna! I'm making it again this week.

In the garden
No frost yet. Everything is still alive, but winding down for the fall. The kale has come back to life with the cooler weather. The marigolds smell heavenly. Eating eggplant and tomatoes this week.

In the home
I've had a half-formed, unspoken goal in my mind lately to keep up better with the dishes and clutter and clean up all the way after every meal. It's worked well. Sometimes writing down goals takes all the fun out of them. Leaving them as idea often works better for me. (So perhaps I should have kept it to myself.)

I can't believe how lucky I am to get to spend every day with this delightful little boy. He giggles, he quacks, he climbs the stairs, and every meal he acts as if he's won the jackpot.

Big kids
They are learning so much and growing up so fast. Organizational skills will be the theme of this school year, I think.

I practice piano every day, sometimes twice, while my violin languishes in the closet. I have some genuinely difficult orchestra music I should be practicing, but still the piano gets all my attention.

I love the cooler fall weather. This week I haven't been able to enjoy it because our valley is flooded with smoke from a nearby wildfire. It is so bad the kids have indoor recess at school.

I've been enjoying putting together flower arrangements from the garden.

I just looked at how many books I've read the past year on whole-foods, plant-based eating. Fifteen! I can't stop thinking and reading about it.

Emily Dickinson: "Forever is composed of nows." This quote sits in a frame in my home so I was happy to hear it quoted by President Uchtdorf in the LDS Women's Meeting a few weeks ago.

The big kids and I have been enjoying Studio C. My favorites so far are Two Guys on a Scooter and Aww Yeah. Have you seen Studio C? What are your favorites?

Considering lately whether I ought to continue blogging, or start somewhere new, or if this will pass and I'll be excited about it again in a few months.

Why piano songs use different fingers when a note is repeated?


  1. Sometimes different fingers are suggested to facilitate moving to a different position on the piano as the song progresses, but sometimes different fingers are suggested as a way of keeping the sound of the repeating note fresh or achieving a particular dynamic. :)

    With or without blogging, it surely seems you have much joy in your days!!!

  2. I could use a few months with Great Aunt Rose.

  3. Indoor recess is the WORST! Yuck!

    And I think sometimes a fingering is different on a repeated note to get your hand in a better position for what is coming up. Not sure if that's the case for what you've noticed, though. Maybe someone was just bored. :)

  4. Wondering - I think the piano fingering changes in anticipation of what is coming next. I'm not a pro, but that seems logical. You're doing better than I am; both the piano and violin are languishing here. Keep up the good work!

  5. In addition to the above suggestions, alternating or changing fingering on repeated notes can make the notes more even, more legato, or faster. This is especially applicable when a note is repeated many times, in which case you would usually alternate between two fingers. You would love the Studio C about authors at the cafe ordering book plots.

  6. I did not understand the same note fingering until I played Bartok! I love his music but the many repeated notes would make the fingers cramp I think!

    I enjoyed this post with so many subjects covered.