Beautiful quiet


I went to the grocery store the first day of school and many moms there were rejoicing. I feel guilty for being so happy that my two oldest are gone all day, but I love that I can tidy up the house and it stays tidy until they come home. I'm sure Baby will figure out how to empty the cupboards soon, but for now, I'm enjoying the calm.

I love that there is quiet time to think and be alone and work. I love that I am getting so much done: all summer long I was discouraged that I did so little. I'm sure there is a way to do it with the bigger kids underfoot, but I didn't figure that out this summer.

Kids are so different. I have one who is happy to have me work and will even pitch in, but then gets needy sometimes and won't do anything alone. The other can't seem to get anything done unless I stay right there and bark orders continually. I was exhausted all summer trying to get those two to get anything done.

The battle continues: there will be no computer time for a certain child until their bedroom is clean. How long with the war last? I don't know, but I'm happy to have a break from it for a few hours every day.

Any tips for helping kids let go of stuff? I know the abovementioned child would have a much cleaner room if it had less stuff in it—there's not enough room for it all, so it just keeps getting shuffled around. Also, every time we go through and get rid of stuff, it only takes a month or two for a bunch more to creep in.

But I can forget about that for a few hours and enjoy instead the peace of the clean bathroom, the bread baking in the oven, the load of laundry getting itself washed, the sweet baby sounds, and the new library book.

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