This week

  • Friends staying with us
  • A new D.E. Stevenson book I hadn't read before (Gerald and Elizabeth)—all her books make me smile
  • Baby tipping the scales at 23 pounds at his nine-month appointment
  • Swimming lessons begin
  • Baby cuddles
  • Summer fruit—especially nectarines
  • Found an adorable new sewing pattern and have already made two
  • Cooler breezy weather so we can enjoy some time outside
  • Starting back-to-school supply and clothing inventory
  • Arthritis makes me tired
  • House is constantly cluttered because I haven't been picking up as much (see above)
  • Baby had an eczema flare-up (bright side: I think I know what caused it)
  • Kids are loud and they fight a lot
  • Lots of weeds in the garden


  1. When I was homeschooling our five children I felt the same down - house was ALWAYS cluttered. I felt like I was living in a 24/7 Walmart with no down time to clean and organize. I promise it gets better as children get older. Press forward with steadfastness and you'll get to that point. Our children never talk about the mess, only about the fun things we did and the feelings of contentment of being home. Our youngest is now a senior in HS and I can honestly say I love the five friends I (we) have raised. We have such fun when we all get together! We laugh and talk about memories and hopes for the future. We work together on projects around the house and enjoy activities together. You are doing the greatest work on earth! And although a stage seems to last forever, they don't really and all children grow up. Make happy memories (which usually involves messes) and forge eternal bonds.

  2. I finally looked at my baby's one year stats. She was 19 pounds even. :)

  3. Love to hear about your chunky fellow--like mine. :) Here's hoping the arthritis feels better.

  4. A thought on the arthritis--often times heavy metals are behind the problem and an easy way to reduce metals in the body is to apply cilantro essential oils to the bottoms of the feet at bedtime each night and wear socks for at least three hours to help it absorb. Moles and cracked, sore cuticles also indicate heavy metals.