Highlights from the past two weeks:
  • Trip to a state park and then to visit family
  • Lots of fireworks
  • My parents are leaving on a mission to Tonga
  • Red Chief had stitches on his hand
  • Got Baby to eat gross puréed green beans which he doesn't like anymore by adding curry powder
  • New job charts for the kids help a little
  • New job charts for me help a lot, especially if I actually do them
  • Arthritis flaring up from hiking and all the bad (yummy) food on our trip
  • Made Red Chief his requested marble chiffon cake for his birthday
  • Sewed curtains for Red Chief's birthday
  • I love teaching the nine-year-olds at church 
  • My husband fixed the air conditioner during the heat wave
  • First garden vegetables of the year 

Also, Baby can:
  • Roll several feet and even to different rooms
  • Eat cooties off the floor
  • Scratch both arms at once
  • Whistle (really!)
  • Maybe say some words (it's so hard to tell at first whether it's coincidence)
  • Feed himself well
  • Drink from a cup with assistance
  • Bite with his two little teeth
  • Pull out the cat's fur
  • Smile at everyone he sees


  1. Yay for a hubby who could fix the A/C! Wow tine flies! I did not realize baby was already that big!

  2. Pulling out cat fur! An advanced baby for sure. xo

  3. Sounds like you have done a lot during the summer.. Proud hubby could fix the AC..It has been so hot.. eeeeh.
    Baby is really growing. He is scooting and has 2 teeth.. How time is flying.
    Happy Birthday to Ben..