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Kerryann's Turkish-style couscous. Amazing. I keep sneaking the leftovers for snacks. I used my blender to wet-chop the vegetables and herbs finely (then saved the water and used it to make the couscous). This saved time, created a perfect texture, and made it harder for the kids to pick the veggies out. I used a red bell pepper instead of the chili and about half an 8-ounce can of tomato sauce instead of tomato purée. I think the smoked paprika really makes this recipe. Baked sweet potatoes were a perfect side for this.

Vegan garlic alfredo sauce. I know, I know, I told myself I would never make fake cheese. It didn't taste like garlic alfredo sauce to me, but it was a nice creamy sauce, and the kids loved it. It was just the right amount for a 13-ounce box of whole wheat pasta. Next time I'll make a bit less pasta and mix in some broccoli instead. (Tangential note: I used parsley from the garden and had to wash it about 30 times to eliminate the little green bugs that were crawling on it. The dark side of gardening.)

One-minute chocolate cake in a mug. I can't lie, I didn't love this. I'd like to think I don't like my food super-sweet (yogurt anyone?) but one place enough sugar belongs is in chocolate cake. I may tweak it to make it more palatable to me, or just find a new recipe.

Briam. Basic but yummy. I used 1.5 8-ounce cans of tomato sauce for the passata.

Lemon rice. The kids loved this. I added 1/2 teaspoon turmeric for yellow color. Popping the mustard seeds was fun.

Whole wheat bread. Even though I have a bread recipe I love, sometimes I just want to try a new one. We liked it a lot; it was really yummy. Our old standby is less crumbly for sandwiches, though.

Tomato and basil soup. This soup was made entirely in the blender, using the blades' friction to heat the soup. It tasted amazing, even though I made some substitutions to use what I have around the house. I will make this often for lunch.

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