Good sewing week

This week I sewed a pair of lined curtains for Tiger Lily and cut off four pairs of pants and pajama pants and hemmed them into shorts for the kids to wear this summer.

The curtains didn't turn out as I hoped; I used too cheap a fabric for the front and they don't hang beautifully. They're also crooked, despite my best efforts. Why do my large projects never turn out square? The curtains are fine, though, and they look better in daylight. Tiger Lily is happy to have them; her blinds were broken and she needed help to open and close them. These curtains she can operate by herself. Soon I will make curtains for Red Chief's and Baby's rooms, too.

I still have some more cutting off and mending to do, then I want to make a wrap skirt for myself. I already bought the fabric. I'm trying to decide whether to make a practice version out of a sheet first before I cut into the beautiful linen/rayon blend (and lining!).

I want to make this skirt eventually, but I thought the wrap skirt would be better for now with my changing waistline, since I had a baby seven months ago. I am trying to pay better attention to my wardrobe lately, and I have been feeling the lack of a black skirt. I have three black skirts right now: one is too small, one is worn, and one is both. I am looking forward to having a new one.

Sewing is not too hard right now: baby can roll and squirm around, but he can't crawl yet. I'm sure that will change in the next few months, so I should try to get my sewing time in while I can.


  1. Projects like your curtains happen to me too. I have sewn pennies into the hems of curtains to give them weight so that they hang better. It can sometimes make a real difference.

  2. I love wrap skirts.. And They work so well, with so many different ladies sizes, ages, etc.
    So hard to believe Baby is already moving around.. And will be crawling before long. Don't they grow up so fast.
    Curtains.. so hard to square them up..Proud Tiger Lily likes them.. Bet they are pretty..
    Happy sewing.

  3. I miss sewing! I would like to make circle skirts. One of these days!