Fast pizza

We used to make pizza once a week, a tradition that started when we lived near a cheese factory where we could buy mozzarella for $1.50/pound. After Tiger Lily was born, I switched to frozen and haven't gone back.

But I've been trying to eat healthier. So on Friday I made up a batch of whole-grain dough for artisan bread in five minutes, and on Saturday I used it to make some quick pizzas. The kids loved having their own little pizzas and choosing what went on them. I vastly preferred the flavor of homemade pizza over storebought. And Red Chief, who actually remembers when we used to make pizza every week, was content. He's been asking me for years when we can make pizza again.

Notes to self for making this work every week:
  • Keep pre-shredded cheese on hand
  • Mix up the dough the day before and keep in fridge
  • Prepare toppings earlier in the day or the day before
  • A small can of plain tomato sauce works just fine (barbecue sauce is nice too, or alfredo, or pesto, or roasted garlic . . .)
  • No need to bother with peels and baking stones; ours turned out just lovely on regular baking sheets
  • Slice veggies as thinly as possible
If everything is ready ahead of time, it takes about the same amount of time to make these as cooking a frozen pizza, or going out and picking one up. And the advance preparation only takes five minutes here and there if I think about it the day before.

I think I will still keep a frozen pizza on hand, though, just in case.


  1. I love home made pizza too.. I use to make it all the time , when the kids were home..[their favorite too].. But , after they left, I have gotten in the habit of just picking up frozen pizza for me and Kenny.. you have encouraged me, I think this weekend, I will do a home made pizza..

  2. We do homemade pizza in the fall and winter, but it falls off the menu as soon as the weather hits 80. :) It IS terribly fun for the kids to have their own pizzas.