A sun hat

Baby needs a sun hat for our upcoming vacation. The stores yielded nothing appropriate that would fit his cute gigantic head.

So I made the Oliver + S reversible bucket hat. I used two thrifted sheets that I've used in other projects before. The fabric isn't exactly what I love for this project, but using it saved me both money and a trip to the fabric store. I think it still turned out pretty well.

I'm thinking of adding an elastic chin strap. To keep the hat reversible, I would put in two buttonholes on the sides of the hat, then sew some buttons to the ends of a piece of elastic. I think it would work. He keeps the hat on pretty well for now, but I could see him flinging it along the way somewhere. We tend to lose hats on vacation.

I'm excited to go on vacation, but it's going to be very, very hot, and we will be two nights without air conditioning. Any tips for keeping babies cool in the heat?


  1. Adorable hat and baby! Pack any fans that you have to keep the air moving!

  2. I downloaded the pattern--thanks so much for the link! I'm thinking I might have enough cute fabric and interfacing to make one without a trip to the fabric store, too.

    And I agree with the running fans idea.

  3. SO so cute..both hat and Baby..Baby has really grown. Don't they grow up so fast.