The parent Olympics

I was thinking this week that there should be a parent Olympics.

  • Putting socks on a kicking baby
  • Changing a baby in the car
  • Doing ____ while holding a baby (too many possibilities here)
  • Listening to two children talk at once and give appropriate replies
Family pictures might be a challenging event. This week we had to get everyone dressed in coordinating outfits, make it to the location happy, walk around at the sandy, woodsy riverside and not get dirty, and all smile for the camera at the same time. We lost points for a child stepping in the river first thing and having sandy feet in all the photos. More points off for the baby who figured out how to scratch both arms at once and wouldn't put them down the whole time. Then minus a few more for the boy who wouldn't stop making funny faces.

I don't think we won the family picture event.

What other events should be on the list?


  1. Tooo cute...Love this post, what memories it brings to me..
    and yes my friend, I think you won the family picture event..
    You will look back,[when these sweet children are all settled in their lives and what nice memories this will be.. hugs.

  2. How about the "Awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call from your teen driver who needs help getting out of the ditch" event especially when the teen sneaked out of the house without permission in the first place!

  3. "We lost points for a child stepping in the river first thing and having sandy feet . . ." That's hilarious! Hope your pictures are lovely. :)

  4. Answering the tough questions! My daughter's classmate lost his daddy a couple weeks ago, and she has a ton of questions about death and those left behind by it.

  5. How about functioning like a normal human being when you are getting only a couple of hours of sleep at night! Or trying to avoid getting spit up on your clothes when your baby starts to erupt. :)