Recently tried recipes

Garden salad with lime-cilantro dressing. This looked so good in the pictures, but I was underwhelmed.

Green bean stir fry. Yum. I started with frozen green beans.

Spicy barbecue loaf. This is the second lentil loaf I have tried and by far the best. It had a great texture and lots of flavor. We loved the barbecue sauce recipe that went along with it. Bonus: I had all the ingredients on hand so I was able to make it a few days after I should have gone to the grocery store but didn't. I will rewrite this recipe for efficiency: when I printed it out, it was three pages! It's not really that complicated.

Slow cooker aloo gobi. So good. I used a bag of frozen cauliflower instead of the fresh.

Slow cooker coconut chickpea curry. Good! I will make it without the honey next time though.

Also: I have been cooking my way through Vintage Cakes by Jane Brocket. Everything has turned out beautifully: Welsh cakes, marble cake, Victoria sponge cake, pancakes—we've loved them all.

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