Garage: clean

The garage was cluttered. And dirty. It was long past time for a cleaning, and we did it last week. We took everything out, swept, hosed off, organized, and got rid of quite a lot of junk.

Red Chief made parking spots for the bikes with masking tape. We put the emergency water storage on shelves instead of all over the floor. We wiped the sawdust and grime off of everything. Our trash and recycling bins are full, full, full. 

I knew I didn't like the dirt, but I never knew what a negative effect it had on me until we got it clean.

It feels so nice in there now.


  1. We finished up cleaning out our attic and it just makes me so happy even though I cannot actually walk past it and see it. We took 6 van loads to the thrift store and lots of trash went to the dump.

  2. Ooooohhhhh! That is going to be one of our spring projects, too. How exciting that your garage is all clean!

  3. Doesn't it feel wonderful? So happy for you , that you got that job done and finished!!
    We just got through doing ours too. Feels fantastic... And looks so much better.

  4. I swept my parents' garage a couple weeks ago and went nuts with the hose attachment on the vacuum. How do garages get so dirty?