Moving along

I guess I haven't been much of a blogger lately. Life happens. There are a rare few days here and there when I think that I have it all together, but between I'm generally overwhelmed to some degree. Lately we've been hit with a nasty cold. It's so sad to hear Baby coughing and see his cheeks diminish as he refuses to eat. He seems to be on the mend now, though. Then I realize that Red Chief was supposed to have a big school project done today, and I've forgotten the Lucky Charms for "Leprechaun Day" tomorrow, and I'm behind on laundry again . . .

I've had to make some compromises lately to keep my sanity. One is going back to simpler meals and slow cooker meals, and buying our bread. I like super-healthy cooking and I want to go back as soon as I can, but for now, my sanity has to take precedence. I have more energy and attention for the children as well when I don't have to stress over dinner.

But life is good. We keep busy with things we enjoy (and some we don't, but such is life). I love watching Baby grow and develop. He's so happy. I'm in constant denial about the scope of his growth, with the result that his clothes are always too small, and by the time I get out the next size up, it's often on the snug side already.

My favorite thing lately is reading to the kids at night. We're nearly done with the second Oz book. I have to relax about bedtime sometimes to get our reading in, but I'm glad we do it. We all look forward to it, and my mind is full of hundreds of books I want to read to them.


  1. So sorry Baby has been sick..Hope all is better soon.. When our kids are sick, it makes our whole world, upside down..Praying for you...
    I think ,simplifying your meals will help the stress, and you will be able to pick it back up later.. All will work out.. prayers for you..

  2. I hope Baby's cheeks are rounding up again. Ditto to what Judy wrote above about the cooking. We've been in a state of simplifying for so long that I think my family has forgotten how I'd like for us to be eating. Other than returning to homemade bread (someday?) it will be something of a challenge to change the habits we've formed lately. Wishing you well!

  3. I hope every one is well very soon. Lemongrass essential oil diffused in the house is very helpful for unstuffing noses. It can be as simple as putting some on a cotton ball throughout the house. It has been very helpful for our grandchildren for stuffy noses and coughs. I think you have made a very wise decision about your meals.

  4. Maybe you need a break. We all do.

  5. It's at times like these that I express great gratitude for the convenience of restaurants and store bought food. Our pioneer mothers didn't have those and had to feed their families, sick or not. You are so right about relaxing and putting first things first. Keep up the good work.