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I've tried a ton of new recipes lately. We've had a lot of healthy, yummy food this month.

Everyday vegetable soup. This was quite yummy, and a good, flexible recipe for a vegetable soup.

Beet soup and broccoli soup. I quite enjoyed making these simple, puréed soups (in my blender!). I altered them so I steamed the veggies first, then blended, then heated. I used canned beets. The website they're from claims they're good for "detox" and "liver cleanse": I'm not so sure about that.

Rainbow peanut noodles. A new favorite! We loved these.

Cashew cabbage. Yummy, and super fast if you use a bag of pre-cut cabbage and carrots (for coleslaw).

Burrito bowl. This was a hit with the whole family: the kids loved being able to pick what went in their bowls. It lacked something in the flavor department even though I seasoned the black beans, so I'll work on that next time we have this.

Vegan broccoli and cheese soup. I swore I'd never try out vegan fake cheese flavors, but I can't help it: I'm culinarily curious. And this soup was actually quite good. Everyone wants to have it again.

One-pan Mexican quinoa with cashew sour cream. See above. I wasn't going to make the fake sour cream; it sounded gross. But we didn't have any real sour cream, so I tried it, and it was good. The kids liked it so much that they left none for their poor daddy, who had to work late.

Spaghetti with beanballs. Meh. The kids loved these, but I didn't like them: they were very mushy. I'll probably make them again because they made the kids so happy.

Apple brownies. These were pretty good although a bit cakey.

Mashed chickpeas with green chiles. This makes a great sandwich filling. I am looking for alternatives to lunch meat, so I'm glad to have found this.

Hummus. This was pretty bland to me. I'm trying to write down what I put in my version so I can make it consistently.

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  1. you might like rawenvy (dot) BlogSpot (dot) com. A little radical but some stuff might be good especially now that you have a vitamix.