Reading the Brontës

I've always loved the Brontë sisters' novels. It started with Jane Eyre when I was in eighth grade. These sisters intrigue me. Where did three single daughters of a parson get such passionate, dark, feminist, and even supernatural themes?

I've been re-reading Wuthering Heights this past month, and I've come up with a crazy idea. I want to read (or re-read) all the Brontë sisters' novels this year.

Here's a list. Books I've already read (but will still read again this year) are marked with asterisks.

Charlotte Brontë
Jane Eyre*
The Professor 
Tales of Angria

Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights*

Anne Brontë
Agnes Grey
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall*

Poems by Currer, Acton, and Ellis Bell (the Brontës' pen names) 
The Life of Charlotte Brontë by Elizabeth Gaskell
The Brontë Sisters: The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne by Catherine Reef


  1. Have you ever read feministmormonhousewives (dot) org? You might like it.

  2. What a fantastic reading list..I have read most of these too..Really great reading..Enjoyl

  3. My mom loves, loves, loves Jane Eyre--she says she totally identifies with Jane. But I can't love it. Now Wuthering Heights, on the other hand, I can really get into. I haven't even heard of some of the other books on your list. I guess I'll have some fun reading and learning!