Pizza cake

Red Chief was supposed to bring a cake to his Blue and Gold Banquet. We looked at pictures together on Pinterest and he decided to do a pizza cake. My only requirement was that it had to be something simple (because of course he was attracted to insanely complicated Minecraft cakes).

We used a cake mix and storebought frosting (dyed red-orange). Toppings were shredded coconut for cheese, fruit rolls cut into circle shapes for pepperoni, dried candied pineapple, and black and green licorice cut strategically to represent olives and peppers. We baked the cake in a disposable pizza pan (actually three of them stacked, because they were so flimsy).

I think it turned out well. Red Chief did a great job, and he was deservedly proud of it.


  1. Well that is just too fun! I think our pizza loving son would find this just right for him. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tell Red Chief, he did a great job..His pizza cake looks really yummy..Bet they enjoyed it..

  3. What a fun cake! I'll bet it went over well at the banquet. :)

  4. When I worked in daycare we did felt pizzas. Might be a good activity if you have felt scraps lying around.