Winter blahs

We've been experiencing a lovely condition here called an inversion. If you're lucky enough to never have experienced one, it means that cold air is trapped in our valley (along with lots of fog and pollution), and it's pretty much miserable. I miss the sun.

I've found myself with very little motivation to do—well, anything, really. But I need to do stuff. So here are some goals for this week, which I'm posting here in hopes that it will keep me more accountable.
  • Work for 45 minutes every morning while Baby takes his nap.
  • Do at least 15 minutes of scripture / gospel study each day.
These goals feel pathetically small when I write them down, but I know I can't handle more right now. You should see the ridiculous list of goals I made for January. Why do I think I can do so much with a new baby in the greyest part of the year?


  1. I agree- why is there so much funk in the air? It seems like everyone has the blahs. Wish you could come visit me in Houston- it's 70 today. One thing I like to do when I'm feeling down is go to a youtube channel called "relax channel". There are videos of relaxing music there that are several hours long. I like to play them in the background while laying down or working around the house.

  2. We are south east of the Blue Ridge mountains and we have the same thing that happens here. Cold and clouds back up against the mountains and hover over us. We are on the third day of sun but the clouds come back tomorrow and then I will be in the funk again. Have you tried taking D3? It really helps! 5000 units is a good amount for gray winter days. It was a real change for me when I started taking it a few years ago from Oct to May.

    1. That is good advice! I'm actually supposed to be taking it, but I've been forgetting almost every day. I'll go take some right now.

    2. I finally just started keeping ours in the middle of the kitchen table and I hand it out to my husband and myself at breakfast. It has really helped us to remember.