The fancy blender club

I love working in the kitchen, and I love browsing online for new recipes and ideas. For years now I've been seeing smoothies and ice creams made with fancy (expensive!) blenders. My thirty-dollar blender could barely get through a smoothie, and I usually had to shake and prod it to get it to finish. There were usually chunks left at the end, and the finished product was accompanied by a disturbing smell coming from the base of the poor overworked blender.

I wondered for years whether getting an expensive blender would be worth it. Everyone who has one seems to rave about it, but really, it's just a blender, right? I didn't get it. I only used my blender once or twice a month.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I finally took the plunge and bought a Vitamix at the end of last year, hoping that I would not be suffering buyer's remorse the day after. The first week I had it, I had a ton of fun playing around with recipes and trying techniques from the cookbook that came with it.

But now, four weeks later, guess what? I'm still using it daily. We have smoothies nearly every day now, I make puréed soups more often just because it's so easy, and we enjoy making healthy ice cream–like desserts from frozen fruit.

Was it worth it? I paid $329 for a reconditioned blender. I did some research and tried to choose a blender that people were happy with, that would last a long time, and that comes with a warranty.

So far I am happy. I have a hard time putting a price tag on whether it was worth it. But I now use my blender 1–2 times daily instead of 1–2 times monthly. My family is eating (drinking, I guess) more fruits and vegetables, especially at breakfasttime. I have one more resource in my arsenal of kitchen tools (or toys, depending how you look at it), and I can do more things in the kitchen now. I love that it just works.

I'm happy.

What sort of blender do you have? Are you happy with it? Do you think it's worth paying hundreds of dollars for a blender?


  1. SO proud you like it and it is working so well for you. I REALLY want a GOOD mixer [expensive-eeh].. Have only had the cheap ones that last a year and then tear up.ha..
    The smoothies fruit [ice cream] sounds really yummy.

  2. so interesting! I have a Cuisinart blender that I think I paid $50 for new? But I also have a very nice immersion blender (gift) and a very nice food processor (also Cuisinart - about $100 years ago, new). I use all of these things A LOT for different projects and I know I will replace each one of them if they die. But perhaps your high-end Vitamix could replace my blender and food processor? There is no way I'd get rid of my immersion blender EVER because I hate pouring hot things into a blender - much rather just stick the blender in the pot!

    1. I've been thinking about getting a food processor but I think that I don't need one now that I have the blender. It doesn't slice or shred, but it can chop veggies and pulverize just about anything.

      I still use my immersion blender too. I also hate blending hot things.