Baby products that work for us


I thought I would write a quick post on baby products that are working for us this time around. It has been five years since I've had a baby and a lot of the products have changed. I'm slowly figuring things out again.

Things we love
  • Huggies One and Done Cucumber and Green Tea Wipes. After smelling these, I can never go back to anything else, even though I usually prefer unscented products. Also, they are very substantial and clean up messes very well. I used to use Target wipes, but they have changed and are disappointingly thin and dry.
  • Target store brand disposable diapers. We have used these in the past and I still like them. Bonus: they seem to be slightly bigger now than they were five years ago, which is great because I have a giant baby. I also like Luvs: they're the cheapest of the name brands and they work great.
  • Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula. We are nursing and bottle feeding about half and half, which I'm kind of sad about, but I'm glad I've found a formula that agrees with Baby. He was very gassy on Similac Sensitive, then I read this amazing article that helped me pick what we're on now, and we haven't looked back.
  • Enfamil Slow Flow Nipples. We first used these in the hospital and eventually switched all our nipples over to them because Baby likes them best. He coughs and sputters less with these, and he just seems to prefer them over silicone nipples. You can re-use these, even though they appear to be disposable.
  • Gerber Cloth Diapers. We use them for burp cloths. They work so much better than flannel, or worse, quilting cotton. 
  • Carter's Sleep Sacks. I got three of these at Wal-Mart for about $8 apiece, much cheaper than a Halo Sleep Sack, which was going for $20–$30. Baby loves wearing them to bed. Downside: he'll probably grow out of them soon.
  • Cotton pajamas and other one-piece outfits. These are so nice and fast for dressing Baby in during the day, for keeping him warm enough but not so warm he falls asleep. I prefer zippers to snaps, as they're faster.
  • Swaddling blankets. Baby loves being swaddled. It puts him to sleep. It calms him down when he's upset. I use flannel blankets that are cut to a square the full width of the fabric, so a bit less than 45" after they're sewn. I need every inch I can get with this big guy.
  • Nuk Pacifiers. This is something I didn't have to figure out again: I have preferred these for all my babies because they stay in their mouths better. 
  • Amazon.com Subscribe and Save. I've never been interested in this before, but I can get formula 20% off if I subscribe to 5+ things per month. That's a lot of money to save! I also enjoy getting toilet paper and tissues this way, because they're bulky and a pain to buy in bulk at the store (they fill up my whole cart!). If I don't have enough items, I find a cheap filler (shampoo, barbecue sauce) so I can have enough items to get the 20% off. I check my order every month before it ships to make sure we are getting things we can use and not too much of anything. You can also get diapers this way, but you only get 5% off on them. 

Things I haven't figured out yet: lotion for my baby's dry skin/eczema (I've been using Burt's Bees but it hasn't really been helping) and a magical solution to cradle cap. Any suggestions? Any other baby products you would recommend?


  1. For cradle cap--I used plain baby oil to soak the crust, then a little bit of salt to scrub it away. Washing the scalp daily with a roughish wash cloth, and brushing with a soft baby brush also helps to keep the "crap" (as I call it) at bay. For dry skin I can recommend what I'm using for my own skin: plain sesame seed oil bought in the grocery store. It is light, blends in beautifully and is never greasy. I wish I'd discovered it earlier.

  2. Both my babies had/have eczema, and baby Aveeno for eczema has been fabulous! Aveeno also makes baby bath soap for sensitive skin that has also helped. I actually found that switching soap in the bath helped the eczema more than just using lotion.

  3. You're right about the Target wipes. I thought they'd be great and picked up a triple pack only to discover how wimpy they are. I won't be buying them again!

  4. Coconut oil has worked well for our grandchildren's dry skin and it is healing, too. Our daughter's children's pediatrician recommended it for cradle cap, too.

  5. All three of my boys had awful eczema when they were babies up until they were 3 or 4. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. The best thing I've found is giving them fish oil. I know this sounds weird, but it totally works. If you have a health food store nearby, I would get it there, and get some good stuff (don't buy the stuff they sell at Walmart or places like that). I use the stuff that is in capsules and just break it open with a corn holder thing (they are thicker than anything else I could think of and the hole in the capsule doesn't seal itself as fast) and squirt it in their mouth. My boys still chew them up every day (and my oldest is 10). I would also put some peppermint and spearmint essential oil in their bath (I did about 10 drops of each in a bathtub). The mint is soothing and seemed to help their skin be less inflamed. Something I discovered with my youngest is Eucerin Bath Oil. It is sold in a gold bottle (I got it at Rite Aid or somewhere like that). It is a body wash that is made with oils, so it helps the skin stay more moisturized.

    For cradle cap, I used a combination of lemon and geranium essential oils, diluted in some kind of carrier oil. I would smear it on over the cradle cap and let it sit for a while, usually before the bath (if I remembered). Be careful with citrus oils, though. If the skin that has the citrus oil on it gets exposed to the sun, it can darken the skin.