A perfect break

We had such a nice Christmas break. Things had been terribly busy and stressful with work and school and illness and Christmas busy-ness. And then all of a sudden we were all well, and we were all home, and we didn't have any obligations for two whole weeks. We spent ridiculous amounts of time reading and playing Minecraft (everyone else: it makes me feel dizzy) and eating treats and talking to family and sitting in front of the gas fire.

None of us really wanted to go back to real life today, but we survived the morning and I think we'll do fine.

Baby is doing well. He is growing into his twelve month–sized clothes! It feels strange to put him in clothes at 2.5 months that Red Chief wore when he was crawling. I have a constant knot in my left shoulder from holding him, too. I wear him sometimes in a wrap carrier which helps my shoulder, but baby doesn't love it, and neither does my back.

I am hoping we can ease ourselves into more predictable naptimes in the next month or two. Nights are going well; he's usually up twice, or sometimes once. And he is so happy, unless we miss our afternoon cuddles. I feel so lucky to have him.

Trying on Baby's new mittens on Christmas

About 2.5 months old

I got a fancy new stand mixer for Christmas. I had been saving up for one because my trusty mixer of ten years was showing signs of dying. The new one is bigger and much quieter, and so fun to use.

I used the money I had been saving for a new mixer to buy a fancy high-powered blender. (I am so spoiled.) I have been making almond milk, and we have had smoothies every morning. I made an ice cream-like concoction from frozen peaches, and I even made a batch of soup that was heated by the blender's friction! There's a bit of a learning curve, but I'm definitely enjoying my new toy.

If any of you have smoothie or blender recipes you like, I hope you will share!


  1. So proud you and family had such a nice time away from school/work routine.
    [My kids/grandkids were really dreading going back and they too enjoyed the couple weeks at home. both are teachers, so were home too]..
    Baby is adorable.. He is really growing..
    Not spoilt at all..just enjoying a nice present.ha Bet those smoothies are wonderful..

  2. I love that your baby is the same size (if not bigger) than my 7 month old. She's in 9 month sized clothes right now.

    I will have to come visit to see your new mixer. :) Haha!

    Glad your break was good!

    1. He would probably be in 9-month clothes if we had many, but we don't have enough so the only way to go is up. :)

  3. I enjoyed my little break too. Annalise enjoyed her Christmas break but I was getting nervous at the amount of screen time she was getting. She was perfectly excited to go back to school.
    I like to experiment with salsas in the blender. I have a nutribullet and put in there tomatoes with whatever else for salsa.